Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thought we were done, huh? :)

...But Parkwood Green is not over! Thankfully some incredible new members have been plugged into the effort. Our indomitable Rich Deming continues to make sure this project advances to realization. He writes...

The Parkwood-Green project has evolved and grown in amazing directions. The current plan is to use shipping containers to affordably create space on top of the Roofless building. Geoffrey Goss, the head of Community Anchors and the Entreprenauiral program at CPCC, has joined the team. The plan is to use the downstairs of Roofless for a coffee shop and community center---it's a great space for art shows, parties and meetings. The boxes will be used as work spaces for neighbors who complete the Community Anchors program and need a place to start their businesses.

These pictures are tentative drawings by Bryan and Jen Shields. The Shields teach "architecture as activism", among other classes at UNCC and plan to involve their students in the Parkwood-Green project. Jen is a registered architect and Bryan will be soon.

The Shields attend Watershed Church and learned about the project from a talk Rich Deming gave before Shane Claiborne's visit to Area15. They are currently traveling throughout Scandinavia to inspect urban-reuse projects, and afterwards they will apply what they learn to roofless.

Way to keep it alive Rich and Carlos! Most excited to see what comes out of the work of the Shields and their students...Let's make this architecture activism thing happen. Cheers!

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