Sunday, May 4, 2008

Let the DREAMS begin...

So you are an artist...What would your ideal place to live, work and entertain look like?


carlos said...

awsum start eric! thanks for setting this up!

Rich said...

Wow. I've just spent some time looking this, and your other sites, over.

I'm blown away--not to get to gushy, but this is spectacular stuff.

I can not wait to contribute to the project in whatever way my meager skill set allows....

rexeaglenet said...

visions take flight for a view more grand.

reinforced concrete panels
large insulated glass windows
roof top solar panels
underground water storage
herb gardens
architectural green awards

a project for the artist at heart

Rich said...

Several people expressed interest in the cistern/composter grant program I mentioned Saturday. Here is the address to check:

I urge everyone with a house/business inside the watershed areas on this link to apply. It takes five minutes, then a technician comes out and talks to you and you get a decision. Carlos, I'll be happy to meet with the technician at your buildings. What the heck--send in one for the Freestore and one for Area15! Cheers, Rich

Also, check out

Eric...can you post the link to guidelines or description of this contest? Thanks!

Mattw said...

Great stuff Eric! Way to spearhead the movement!

Eric Orozco said...

Bad news on the contest Rich... the deadline to apply was May 2! Totally my bad, I'm very sorry.

Here is the competition entry page:

The requirements were also that the participating members needed to be part of a firm.

All is not lost, however... We might be able to integrate with my firm's team. Deadline to switch out team members is until the 9th so I'm going to talk to my firm's team leader and discuss and see if they might be willing to "stretch" the vision to incorporate us. I'm going to try to win them with the promise that I have tremendous "resources" at my disposal. If one or two of you guys are really gung ho about the project let me know, so that I can try to situate you in my firm's team. There can only be seven to a team, unfortunately. I still think it would be a really good way to develop our ideas using my firm's professional resources.

I'm really hoping to get you involved Rich. Rex also seems to have a really great grasp on these issues. Matt, Phillip and all of ya'll would be excellent brains to plug in...I'm really afraid of losing your participation.

On the other hand, it might be great to plug on ya'll as our target demographic profile. We can profile your work and act as surrogates maybe. I'm just afraid of losing your ideas!!


Rich said...

Well Eric, I've worked for architectural firms before, so that isn't much of a stretch. By "work" I mean volunteer in this case, of course.

I'm very keen to help in any way that I can--it's an exciting project. Keep me posted.

Eric Orozco said...

I'll be at Area 15 at 5pm today guys to discuss the broad idea of the development...and how to integrate with the contest.

Thanks Rich for being on board.

Busy day! I don't know about ya'll but I can probably only spare an hour...between voting and the city meeting tonight. :)