Thursday, July 17, 2008


17-h2o_chatou_axo, originally uploaded by bldgblog.


Pinkling said...

this picture reminds me of my leo palace apartment in fujinomiya (but better). it was tiny, but the space was so well-appointed. i felt like i lived on a boat. i loved it except for the minute kitchen; there was no counter, which posed problems.

Eric Orozco said...

The way most of us live, the kitchen is an accessory. There is a mismatch between the space and use in most urban apartments. Truth is we need layers of removal from private space to integrate more with others. The kitchen, the foyer, the dining, the salon-living room are all easily shared as family or close-knit groups. Make these central spaces shared by multiple units. Cluster them in odd number groups for democracy. The apartments then divide between utilitarian (sojouring prep) space, body space, meditative-work space, sleeping space (most private)...To better reflect rhythm of personal desires and needs.