Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting BACK on-line!

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We're Back!! Sorry, Folks, for going MIA really, really bad...I'm finally done with all my projects to focus once more on Parkwood Green. I'll be developing visuals this weekend to have a robust proposal going, incorporating more ideas for the area. Stay tuned....

By the way, the Google Streetview shot above is interactive....THIS IS THE SITE. Look around (just pan around by holding down the left-click mouse button on the image itself). Sniff the cool morning air....aaahhhh....that's the scent of opportunity. Artists are nowhere to be seen. They're all hung over...But the planners are busy scheeming. Muah ha ha ha....

Before I plan the HECK out of it...Voice your thoughts. What do you want to see here in place of the beloved Roofless Building? Sorry, I think it will have to go...Unless popular outcry demands "No!". This is your last chance to say so!

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Rich Deming said...


Welcome back. Unfortunately I can't make this next meeting. I have to teach a biofuels class in Kannapolis that night.

Carlos showed me a pretty cool picture yesterday for a glass and steel concept he really likes. Don't know if you want to look at it before drawing anything up?

Cheers, Rich